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PMU Brows

Permanent Makeup brows can offer a long term solution to sparse or even non-existent eyebrows. Each set is individul to the client, with the mastery of bespoke colours, mapping and application using the techniques of Microblading & Micropigmentation.


This two-part process uses subtle hair-like strokes to create fuller, more defined brows whether you have natural hairs or none at all. Each pair of brows is a work of art and individual to you, from the shape and placement of the brows to your natural skin undertones and hair colour.

£350 - Initial and top up appointment.

Micropigmentation - 'Powder/Ombre Brows'
The Ombre technique creates really soft and subtle brows, giving the illusion of a lush full brow created with the effect of two tones. As the better-known hair dying technique suggests, a lighter shade is used on the inside of the brow and gradually darkens towards the arch and outer tail for a groomed but less-done look.

£350 - Initial treatment and top up appointment.

Combination Brow

Combo brows combine the best of both techniques. We can place hair strokes at the front and throughout the brow and add definition and depth with powder to create the tails. This style can be tailored to be as natural or as bold as you like.

£350 - Initial and top up appointment.

Brow Colour Boost

This top up appointment allows your brows to be refreshed by enhancing the shape and colour. Usually carried out around 12 to 18 months after your first visit. Suitable for new or existing brow clients, wishing to top up their old microblading.

£150 - One top up appointment.

NB - Cover up work may require two sessions dependant on existing PMU brows. A consultation is always recommended.


New set of brows - £350
12/18 Month Colour Boost - £150

Payment can be split over the two sessions to help spread the cost but please be aware this is a two part process and if you pay for the treatment in full at the first session it is up to you to attend a touchup session within that price.
(£50 Booking fee payable on securing first session, £200 for initial appointment and the balancing £100 and the 'Touch Up' appointment around 6 weeks later.)

After Care

Now you’ve got your new arches, you need to look after them. As the skin has been traumatised during the treatment your eyebrows will be very sensitive. To limit the pigment fade for as long as possible, please avoid excessive exposure to UV rays and the sun, which includes use of sunbeds. If you still wish to do so, please use a total sunblock on the brows or a moisturiser with a high SPF.

For the first 2-5 days after your appointment, the treatment area can experience the following symptoms:

- Swelling

- Tenderness

- Redness

- Scabbing

- Flaking

- Dryness

- Itching

For at least the first 7 days following your treatment, or until the treatment areas appear to have healed, you should include the following steps in your daily routine:


-For the first 24 hours just gently press clean tissue over your new brows to absorb any excess lymph fluid which may naturally appear on the surface of the skin. Just apply during this period to keep them hydrated the aftercare balm.

-The first day after having the procedure, wash them twice a day with a cleanser such as Cetaphil and gently pat the areas dry with tissue paper or a fluffy towel (do not rub your brows!) You can then apply the brow aftercare balm to keep them hydrated and protected. You will need to do this for the first 7 days (or until the skin has healed).

-Apply the treatment ointment given to you 3 times a day using a dry, clean cotton bud. The ointment will protect the treatment area from free radicals and infections. And be sure to wash your hands before and after application for extra precaution

And the don’ts:


-Do not apply makeup on or around the treatment areas for the first 7 days post-procedure

-Do not scratch, pick, itch or rub the treatment area as this can cause uneven healing and increase the chance of infection, as well as scarring and pigment removal from the brows which would lead to uneven colouring

-Do not expose the treatment area to extreme heat or cold until the area has completely healed. This means you shouldn’t use saunas, go sunbathing or use tanning beds for 30 days after your treatment.


And please remember! The colour of the treatment area will appear up to 50% darker following the procedure. This will fade after 4-7 days but the true colour will still not be apparent for a full 4 weeks after the initial treatment.


Under no circumstances should you undergo any further permanent or semi-permanent cosmetic work during the 4 week period after your first microblading session. Once you’ve made the 4 week milestone post-procedure, the healing process will be complete and you’ll be looking at the full effect of your beautiful new brows.

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