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Non-Surgical Facelift

Micro-current therapy was developed over 20 years ago originally in the medical field to treat weakened facials muscles, and has since been adapted by the beauty industry to offer therapists the ability to deliver an effective method of toning and firming the facial muscle fibre.

The DermaCo Pro VX utlises microcurrent technology to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The technology is a safe and painless treatment, and has the ability to rejuvenate your skin making a noticable difference even after one session. 

How often is treatment required?

- A course of 10 sessions is recommended over a course of 4/5 weeks. Maintenance is is recommended with one treatment every 4/6 weeks.

What is included in a session of Micro-current?

-  Each session includes the following technology also offered with the DermaCo system.

- Thermotherapy - A warm disc is applied to the skin which helps increase blood flow, relieves pain, relaxes collagen tissue, decreases joint stiffness anbd reduces inflammation. 

- Ultrasound - Helps to promote the synthesis of protein inside the cells, helps to regenerate wounded tissues and promote the synthesis of fibre cells in the body. This accelerated metabolism of the cells change the pH level of the skin to a more alkaline state and facilitates the absorption of any induced products. Skin becomes visibly tightened and smoother.

Its helps combat:

- Acne

- Dissolves hypodermic fat

- Eliminates hyper pigmentation

- Removes under eye bags and dark puffy circles

- Helps with rough skin

- Helps to remove wrinkles with slight lifting

- Aids in absorbtion of various active ingredients. 

Does it hurt?

- There is no pain; the application of micro-current is sub-sensory. You will only feel the probes and the pressure of your muscles being manipulated and maybe a tingling sensation. 




- An immediate noticeable lift after just 1 treatment.

- Increased cell renewal.

- Increased collagen production.

- Tighter skin.

- Toned and lifted eye area.

- Reduction in the dark puffy circles around the eyes.

- Significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.



One session - £90

Course of 10 - £700

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