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ARK Skincare is an award-winning British skincare brand, which treats skin by age and skin concern using bio active natural ingredients, combining antioxidants, lipids and vitamins. 


ARK Skincare consists of three ageintelligent ranges; ageprotect, agedefend & agedefy. 

Each range is formulated to complement and enhance your skin through every life stage. 

The ageintelligent ranges are supported by the skinperfectors range, a highly effective collection of treatment products to target any specific skin concerns; and by skinessentials, a family of innovative everyday products to suit the needs of all ages and lifestyles. 

The individual’s unique selection of products from each range creates a personalised treatment regime delivering optimum skin health. 



Efficacy is at the heart of ARK Skincare. Only products that deliver exceptional results are included in our line-up. The fantastic reviews we receive from both customers & independent consumer trials are testament to the results seen when using our products. 

- 100 women blind tested the
ARK Age Defy Moisturiser for 8 weeks... 

- 91% 

of women noticed their fine lines were plumped out 

- 93% 

of women said that after using the ARK Moisturiser their skin looked more youthful 

- 97% 

of women said they would be happy to use the ARK Moisturiser instead of their usual brand 

ARK Skincare
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ARK Skincare
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Ark Skincare
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Frequently asked questions

Does ARK test on animals?

No. We have never tested our products on animals and never will. We are an independant company and are passionate about our views against animal testing.

Are ARK products suitbale for vegans?

ARK skincare products are vegan friendly.

Can I use ARK products of I'm pregant?

None of our products contain ingredients at levels which should cause concern during pregancy. But if you have any concerns at all we advise you to consult your GP.Each product's ingredient list is printed on thre product's carton and can also be found on the product pages of our website.

Can I use ARK products if I have a nut allergy?

The refined nut oils used in finished cosmetic products are unlikely to cause severe allergic reactions, but it is not possible to give 100% gaurantees where allergies are concerned. If you have any allergy concerns please dicuss with your Doctor ahead of trying new products.

Can I use ARK products if I follow a gluten free diet?

Our De-stress serum contains Barley extract, which contains gluten. Our Age Portect Skin Clear Cleanser contains Oats. Oats themselves do not cause Ceoliacs issues, but some choose to avoid them due to the fact that they are often processed in factories that also process wheat. All other products in the range are gluten free.

Do ARK products contain parabens?

No. Our products are free from Parabens, SLS, Mineral Oil, S.D Alcohol, Formaldehyde and artificial colours & fragrances.

Are ARK products natural?

We are passionate about using active natural ingredients. Our products range from 65% to 100% natural.

Are ARK products suitable for those with Rosacea?

Yes. We recommend our Anti-Redness Serum, which contains a botanical complex clinically proven to calm and protect sensitive, irritated skin. Our De-Stress Serum is also popular with those who suffer from skin redness.

Are ARK products suitable for those with sensitive skin?

ARK Skincare products have been developed with sensitive skins in mind. Commen irritants have been excluded from our formulas - we are free from Parabens, SLA, Mineral Oil, S.D Alcohol, Formaldehyde & artificial colours and fragrance. Unfortunately, it is possible to be allergic to pretty much anything including natural ingredients and sensitivities can develop at any time. If you suspect you have a sensitivity we strongly recommend that you patch test a small amount of any new product behind your ear.

Where are ARK products made?

Our products are made in Britain. We display the made in Britain marque on our packaging which helps customers identify British made products and supports/promotes British manufacturing.

I'm not sure which product to buy first, where do I start?

If you are new to ARK, a good place to start is with your Age Intelligent Cleanser & Moisturiser. These contain the optimum levels of vitamins, minerals, lipids, anti-oxidants for beautiful, healthy skin.

How do I use the moisturiser jar?

Our moisturisers are delievered in jars which have airless pump. This means they are hygienic to use; oxidation from contact with air is minimised. To begin using the jar simply remove the lid and press down firmly on the top fo the white pump. You will need to do this several times on the first use to activate the pump.

 AGE PROTECT -  formulated for your teens & 20s

During this period skin is at its peak but it’s still important to prepare for the ageing process by maximising the quality of the skin & protecting against daily pollutants. It’s never too early to shield skin from environmental damage with powerful antioxidants. 

ARK’s ageprotect range feeds younger skin with essential nutrients & balances hydration for a beautiful, clear complexion. 

- Formulated to feed young skin
- Balances hydration
- Banishes bacteria & prevents blocked pores Eliminates excessive cellular turnover
- Reduces inflammatory load on developing cells Rich in antioxidants
- Protects against pollution 

- Lipids Avocado & Peach – known as Category 2 skin lipids, rich in Omega 9 

- Antioxidant White Tea – potent antioxidant; anti microbial 

- Vitamin Vitamin E – fights against free radicals & environmental stressors 

AGE DEFEND - formulated for your 30S & 40S


As we hit our 30s & move through to the 40s, our skin is starting to show signs of ageing. Fine lines & wrinkles begin to appear & some of us notice sensitivity as we encounter more internal & external stresses. It’s time to defend the integrity of the skin with vital nutrients & greater antioxidant protection. 

agedefend is dedicated to boosting skin’s collagen production & minimising redness for a calm, supple complexion. 

- Nourishment for skin showing signs of ageing 

- Boosts skin’s collagen production & minimises redness for a calm, supple complexion 

- Cleanses the skin without creating inflammation Increases moisturisation. 
- Protects the skin from free radicals
- Protects the skin from oxidative stress 

- Lipids Kiwi & Passion Fruit – Category 3 skin lipids, containing high levels of Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids 

- Antioxidant Blue Lotus – rich in flavonoids 

- Vitamin Vitamin A – stimulates fibroblasts, the cells responsible for developing tissue that keeps skin firm & healthy 

AGEDEFY formulated for your 50s onwards 


We are now at a stage when skin may show established signs of ageing, with increased loss of elasticity, uneven pigmentation & dryness. 

agedefy contains ARK’s most intensive collagen-boosting & skin-brightening ingredients which help repair the skin whilst deeply hydrating, revealing a toned, more luminous complexion. 

- Support for mature skin with established signs of age 

- Deeply quenches, firms & brightens the skin for a toned, radiant complexion 

- Deeply cleanses skin without damage 

- Maximises hydration by locking moisture into the skin 

- Provides building blocks for cell repair 

- Re-establishes normal hormonal balance within the skin 

- Lipids Blackcurrant & Starflower Lipids - very high levels of GLA, rich in Omega 6 fatty acids 

- Antioxidant Goji berry – contains 5 times the antioxidant activity of any other fruit & 15 times the antioxidant activity of any vegetable 

- Vitamin Vitamin C – a powerhouse ingredient that brightens & evens skin tone