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Lip & Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a fantastic way of rejeuevenating facials contours, replace lost volume and to enhance features such as lips and cheeks. 

Lip Enhancment

Enhance and plump your natural lips with the following treatments.

All lip treatments are subject to consultation for suitability.

Application of topical anaesthetic cream before the treatment is carried out.

Natural Enhancement

0.55 ml - From £150

Standard Technique

1.1 ml - From £170

Russian Lip Advanced Technique

Up to 1.1ml - From £190

Facical Contouring Packages

Enhance and contour your cheeks, jawline, chin and naso-labial folds with the following treatments.

All facial contouring treatments are subject to consultation for suitability.

Method of application with Cannula and needle techniques.

Facial sculpting is priced per syringe and can be distributed across the areas of your choice.

A good rule of thumb is; chin 1 ml, jawline 2-4 ml, jaw and chin 2-4 ml, cheeks 1-3 ml.


 1 ml Chin - £170

1 ml Naso-labial Folds with Cannula- £170

1 ml (0.5 ml each side) Cheeks with Cannula - £170

 2 ml  Cheeks/Jawline with Cannula -£250

3 ml Jawline/Chin/Cheeks with Cannula - £330

4 ml Jawline/Chin/Cheeks with Cannula- £410

5ml Jawline/Chin/Cheeks with Cannula - £490



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